Murder Defense

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Columbus, Ohio, Murder Case Defense Attorneys

Criminal charges involving the death of another person are some of the most difficult and demanding for defense attorneys to investigate and win at trial. And since Ohio does have the death penalty, it is essential that a person accused of murder seek immediate advice and counsel of the experienced Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorneys at Siewert & Gjostein Co. LPA.

Both Mike Siewert and Tom Gjostein have each logged more than 30 years in defending numerous murder and manslaughter cases, often resulting in verdicts of not guilty and other positive results. We work closely with our own investigators, mental-health professionals and experts to prepare a criminal defense team that may include multiple attorneys, investigators and pertinent experts.

We will review the incident that led to the charges. We will scrutinize the forensic evidence, any DNA analysis, the police reports and witness statements, as well as any other evidence. We will expose any weakness and flaws in the case against you. We will find and raise a sound defense for you.

Not all murder charges carry the intentional or “premeditated” tag. There may be situations when someone believes that their life is in danger and takes another life to protect themselves. In cases of domestic violence and child abuse, this very thing can occur. You are presumed innocent, no matter what the charge, and it’s our job to defend that presumption of innocence at trial, in a court of law.